Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Don't Let The New Lies Bury The Old Lies

Couldn't Even Win With A Wiretap...

Yes, Obama did try to wiretap Trump Tower, and here are the details

Tech Execs Indicted for H-1B Visa Fraud

A pair of tech executives have been indicted for allegedly using false documents to bring in help through the H-1B guest worker program.

Dynasoft Synergy’s Chief Executive Officer Jayavel Murugan, 46, and 40-year-old Syed Nawaz are accused in an unsealed federal grand jury indictment of trying to apply for H-1B visa workers using fraudulent documents and then hiring them out to tech firms, according to Mercury News.

Dynasoft operates as an “employment firm” that essentially leases foreign workers. The company also has an office in India.

According to prosecutors, Murugan and Nawaz used the false documents to replace American workers at Stanford University, Cisco, and Brocade. Nonetheless, the employers were not looking to use the H-1B workers, despite being named in the false documents allegedly produced by the two men.

Murugan and Nawaz are charged with 26 counts including H-1B visa fraud, using fraudulent documents, mail fraud, identity theft, and conspiracy to commit visa fraud.

The federal indictments point to a much bigger problem with the H-1B visa program, where millions of American workers have been ousted to make way for cheaper, foreign workers.

President of Protect U.S. Workers Sara Blackwell, an attorney who represents American workers that are victims of...

How Are You More Likely To Die?

The TRUTH about the Huntington Beach Trump Rally.

You Move.

Father of Illegal Teen Charged in The Heinous Rockville Rape Is Arrested by ICE

The father of a illegal alien charged with raping a 14-year-old girl has been arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes, 43, a Guatemalan, was hauled away by ICE agents for entering the United States illegally. He lives in Jessup, Md., and his son apparently entered the U.S. illegally seven months ago and joined him there.

Sanchez-Reyes is being held at Howard County Detention Center awaiting a hearing in immigration court.

He is the father of Henry Sanchez-Milian, 18, who is accused of rape and is also facing deportation. Along with Jose Montano, 17, Sanchez-Milian, are charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom stall at a high school in Rockville, Md., a suburb of Washington, D.C.

Sanchez-Milian was held without bond in court on Friday. Montgomery County Assistant States Attorney Rebecca MacVittie called him a "substantial flight risk," the Daily Mail writes:

The Left Slays Me...

Blizzard 'Censors Trump4Prez Username in Overwatch,' Deems It 'Inappropriate'

A reddit user from r/the_donald shared a screenshot allegedly showing Blizzard censored his "Trump4Prez" username in Overwatch because they "determined that the battletag wasn't appropriate for the game."

The user posted this screenshot on Monday under the headline "Blizzard is cucked":

Overwatch, under game director Jeffrey Kaplan, has been praised by left-wing media outlets for its "diverse" cast of characters, including one character they made a lesbian.

Russia Threatens To Leak Things Obama Asked Moscow To “Keep Secret”

The Western media missed an oh-so juicy nugget out Russia recently that should have set off alarm bells in Washington.

Asked about the current state of U.S.-Russia relations, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova gave a long winded answer that can be read below. In her answer, Zakharova suggested Russia may “publish leaks” about “secrets” the Obama administration asked the Russian government to keep private. The shocking statement can be found in the second to last paragraph of Zakharova’s answer highlighted in both bold and italic.

You could just imagine the headlines this would have made if this was about a Trump administration official.

But because it is about Barack Obama, arguably one of the worst presidents in US history, the liberal mainstream media ignores...

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